Internship Available Fall 2017

Our lead engineer, Peter Wynne Willson, working in the workshop 

Our lead engineer, Peter Wynne Willson, working in the workshop 


Social innovation forecasting & analysis: Health, Clean Energy, Closed Loop Energy Infrastructure, Smart City & Home Design 

Intellectual Property, Patent Positioning, International Corporate Law, Partnership & Sales 

About the Position

We are seeking an intern to work directly with our innovation director and engineer in finding the leading domestic energy and kitchen appliance manufacturers as potential partners in developing the first energy generating kitchen appliance for the domestic and smart kitchen market. 

Language Skills Advantageous
English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

We will be working with the big fortune 500s in engineering energy and appliances, Phillips, Panasonic, Bosch, LG etc. so multi-lingual students are a huge plus. 


Who is a good fit

This position is primarily research focused but we will be amending the role to the student. This could range from engineering and product design students interested in how you take an invention from idea to prototype to intellectual property. Business students interested in market analysis and innovation forecasting, mapping and partnership outreach. Students interested in intellectual property and patent law will be getting direct experience in the PCT process. Our innovation director is also a visual anthropologist and always keen to work with applied anthropology research, so this position would also be interesting for those in humanities research : economic / material anthropology, social systems design and any applied research. 

Topical focus: 

  • Renewable energy, biogas, domestic anaerobic digestion, closed loop infrastructure, clean water and food systems, smart kitchen, home & city design.
  • Manufacturing efficiency for sustainability, mechanical advancements for durability, reduction of electronic waste and unnecessary consumer products.
  • The replacement of the industrialized food and utilities systems for localized and decentralized more resilient, regenerative infrastructure.
  • IP for scale, regional & cultural variability; IP for systems, not product.
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